Fees & Payment Options - Barwon Heads Airport
Barwon Heads Airport

Fees, Charges and Payment Options

Landing Fees

  • Private aircraft single engine*
  • Private aircraft multi engine*
  • Commercial aircraft single engine
  • Commercial aircraft multi engine
  • Circuits and training**
  • Missed Approaches***
  • RAA Aircraft (without Prior Permission and leaving no details)

$35 p/h (1 hour min)


*Includes first overnight fee
** If you are carrying our circuits you will be charged a minimum fee of $10 or proportioned up to $25 per hour (whichever is greater)
***Missed Approaches are calculated as a landing and a $10 fee will apply, multiple missed approaches will also be proportioned up to $25 per hour (whichever is greater)

Overnight Fees

  • Private aircraft
  • Commercial aircraft
  • Weekly
  • Monthly (short term)
  • Yearly airport fee (private)

$20 per/night
$25 per/night
$140 per/week
$500 per/month
$3300 per/year

Commercial Aircraft Landing at YBRS

All Commercial flights must email aircraft type, flight details and contact details of the pilot, please include billing details in addition to phoning for prior permission.

Due to runway length and local conditions PPR is not guaranteed for commercial operations

All emails to be sent to accounts@barwonheadsairport.com.au

Payment Options


We have a cash box in the side of the office wall where payments for landing fees can be made, please put any monies in the envelope provided with your aircraft's rego number however we prefer payments via EFT

EFT Payments

Account Name: GSA Operations Pty Ltd
BSB 013 645
Bank a/c 450745317

For all EFT payments, please provide your aircraft rego in the reference.

Credit Card

Payments can be made by credit card at the bowser.

Tax Invoices

Tax invoices can be issued if requested for EFT payments only, please email all relevant details so the invoice can be generated. Invoices can only be emailed.


Barwon Heads Airport flight info is captured via an audio and camera system.