Fly Neighbourly - Barwon Heads Airport
Barwon Heads Airport

Fly Neighbourly Policy

Fly neighbourly

An important aspect of our flight operations is compliance with our FLY NEIGHBOURLY policy.

We request that at all times you conduct flight operations with minimal noise consistent with safe and legal flight procedures.

Of most significance are the homes immediately to the north of our main runway 36/18.

We request you minimise noise to these homes by:

Use 36 for landings
and 18 for take offs in zero wind and when safe to do so.

If landing on 18 please approach higher rather than lower and use minimal power on final.

36 Take Off's

With C/S propellers choose a slightly courser pitch if safe as soon as possible after take off.

Angle left after take off as soon as it is safe to do so to avoid homes under centre line.


No early morning or late evening circuit training permitted.