YBRS Runway Information - Barwon Heads Airport
Barwon Heads Airport

YBRS Runway Information


  • Elevation 50ft
  • CTAF 119.00
  • Area Frequency is Melbourne Centre 120.00
  • On the northern side of the airport just outside the circuit area is Class E Airspace. Avalon Approach 133.55
  • Surface of runway 09/27 is not all weather and should be checked by the pilot in command before use to assess serviceability for your aircraft
  • Runway 36 slopes up to North
  • Runway 18 slopes down to the South
  • Runway 09 slopes down to the East
  • Runway 27 slopes up to the West
  • Runway 36 has a displaced threshold due to Barwon Heads Road (Do not fly low over the road)
  • Runway 09 has a displaced threshold due to Stacey's Road
  • Runways 36/18 are sealed but unrated, edges can be soft, do not attempt to exit other than by the taxiways. A turning area is provided at the north end to turn for backtracking
  • All circuits are left hand (unless advised)
  • In zero wind we prefer you take off to the south using 18 and landing using 36 (assuming no other conflicting traffic). Keeps neighbors happy and uses the slope for best advantage
  • Caution, helicopter landing areas are normally located grass right of runway 36 (they are well outside the gable markers and not marked by the H as depicted by the photo)
  • Beware of birds around the airport and in the circuit area (due to the wet lands and Lake Connewarre)
  • Caution parachute operations, they operate all year round & normally land in the parachute landing area as depicted in the photo with the red box
  • In wet weather please stay on runways and taxi ways at all times
  • Visitor and overnight parking is avaible on the concrete pads south of the fuel bowser. Overflow parking is available to the West of the windsock and on the North side of the East and West runaways as depicted in the photo with the blue box.
  • PAL lighting on runway 18/36 can be activated by 5 clicks on the CTAF 119.00 within 10 seconds. (please note this is normally operational but can be turned on manually if required, notice is required and a call out fee may apply)

Download YBRS Runway Information as a PDF (includes photo)